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Doctors are professionals, whom people turn to during times of physical, mental, or emotional suffering. However, not many physicians opt to treat illnesses through natural means -- meaning relying on readily available and equally effective ingredients in one's environment to treat common illnesses. Of course, using pharmaceutical products do have its own benefits, it comes with a lot of problems as well, such as financial considerations, dosages, side effects, and others. Relying on natural means, on the other hand, is a solution used by our ancestors, way before the dawn of pharmaceutical drugs. It is also cheaper and safer to ingest, with almost no side effects. Going green and other alternative methods of treatment have always been on the sidelines, but nowadays, physicians themselves have acknowledged the tremendous potential of our everyday surroundings to help patients heal -- one such physician is Dr. Lane Sebring.

Dr. Lane Sebring is the founder and director of a clinic in Texas called Sebring Clinic, which is primarily based on Natural and Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine; the clinic was established on 1996 and has continued to lead the charge towards a new health paradigm based on the ancestral Paleo Diet. He uses natural means to treat common illnesses. Having graduated as biology major in his undergraduate degree in the University of Texas, Austin, Dr. Sebring is not unfamiliar with using regenerative medicine and natural methods, but it was when he attended a lecture by Loren Cordain in 1998 that he embraced the potential and power of the Paleo Diet as a new paradigm shift towards treatment and healing. His medical practice is one of a kind, and would serve as an eye-opener for people unfamiliar with this new, but effective kind of method. He obtained his medical degree at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston and have continue to use his knowledge of nutrition, health, and years of experience in providing a different kind of treatment.

Physicians are usually content in partnering with pharmaceutical companies to promote their products, but this isn't the case with Dr. Sebring and his breakthrough clinic. He has even established a nutrition store which he calls the Paleo Pharmacy, staying true to his ideals and medical vision. Dr. Sebring's clinic, and his entire medical practice is the start of a new proponent in treating illnesses, especially common ones. Over-all health is achieved by instilling a balanced, healthy lifestyle -- a belief incorporated in Dr. Sebring's medical practice. If you are in Texas, steer clear from expensive hospitals and find yourself in his clinic.